Covid Protocol

Dear Guest,
With this information sheet regarding the regulations of the measures for the contrast and containment of the spread of the virus Covid 19 in the work environment, we inform you that during your stay we guarantee maximum attention following the fulfillments laid down by the protocol shared of regulation of the measures for the contrasting and containment of the spread of the virus Covid 19 in the work place the 27th of April 2020 and in reference to the decree no. 52 of the date 24.05.2020 of the Campania region for the hospitality sector. To make your stay safe and comfortable in our establishment, the following standards have been developed

Booking: Upon booking it is advised to use the online check in to avoid waiting in queues at the front desk.

Arrival: Upon arrival your temperature will be measured before approaching the desk for the check in.
Once the procedures have been applied you will be escorted to your floor, the agent will stop outside your room, which in the meantime will have been sanitized with Ozone T160.

Breakfast: There will be products served on the buffet by our personnel who will serve the guests ensuring that the safety distances agreed upon by our advisors be kept.

Lunch: our setup includes ample distances between tables with the possibility to have lunch in different outlets. A la catre service.

Dinner: Here as well, we have organized a service that ensures comfortable spaces without crowding problems. A la carte service.

Spa&Gym: All our services will be available except for the prohibiton to use the steam bath and sauna, everything else is available.

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Special emphasis is placed upon the sanitizing of all the common areas and rooms, with particular attention to the most touched objects such as remotes, light switches and contact surfaces, using chlorine and alcohol based disinfectants and detergents as per the guidelines given by the memo 5443 of the 23 February 2020 from the Ministry of Health.
At each departure the room shall be sanitized using a designated machine Ozoner (Mod.T160).
Every seven days the ventilation and conditioning systems are sanitized.

Ther are hand sanitizer gel stations installed in all common areas at disposal of guests.
Bedding is handed over to the laundry unit which will disinfect all that is delvered.
All contact surfaces (door frames, remotes, switches, etc) will be disinfected daily.
Cleaning and saniizing frequently and cleaning dail wth the help of internal staff. Surgical grade chlorine and alcohol based disifectants are used.
We wish to remind all the guests that they are obliged to wear masks inside the facility at all times, to reach the various outlets & bars, the Spa or the reception. All these procedures and guidelines have been developed to guarantee you a safe vacation and we are sure that together we will smile even beneath our masks.
Thank You.

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