All the possibilities of a territory rich of attractions, to make your stay on Ischia unforgettable.

Tour of the Island in Minivan

Villages, landscapes and Ischiatan traditions

An overview of the island, through the 6 municipalities that divide it, stopping in the most striking locations. Passing from the costal to the mountain sides of the island, the guide will describe the history, archeology, customs and habits of its inhabitants, as well as the local traditions.

Tour in scooter

The Exploration of the Italian Charm

Riding a scooter, accompanied by a local guide, you will undertake a scenic tour of the island in search of Ischiatan glimpses, landscapes, quarters and alleys.
During one of the scenic stops, the guests will get the chance to taste local mozzarella.

Boat Tours

Gozzo or Lobster boats for an exclusive experience

On a private boat for a tour of the island, a tour to Capri and Procida or to glide along the coasts of the bay of Naples, the most exclusive experience that the hotel devotes to it’s guests. Seen from the sea, the wild Mediterranean coast reveals a unique charm.

Trekking beneath the stars

Have you ever done trekking at night time? Come with us, we shall explain the stars to you

Along the journey slowly night will fall, accompanied by the sounds of nocturnal animals. Together you’ll reach a charming mountain cottage, where a scrumptious dinner awaits. The guide will reveal secrets and discoveries regarding the celestial objects that fascinate men, arousing stories, myths and legends in all cultures around the world. At dinner’s end, thaks to the help of high-performance telescopes, you will be able to observe the stars, planets and nebulae that brighten the mediterranean nights.

Gardens La Mortella

Visit one of the most beautiful and romantic gardens of Italy

A harmonious blend of paths, fountains and plants has made La Mortella an oasis of beauty and peace, as well as the abode of a multitude of specimens, some extremely rare, from all over the planet and the guided visit itinerary will result in an excellent occasion to admire more than 1700 species of plants, and discover all their particularities.



Dscover all the experiences at our hotel guest’s disposal.
Ask for support directly at the front desk or download the complete guide to all our excursions.

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