Gli innumerevoli tesori dell’Isola Verde

History and nature, these are the traits that make the Island of Ischia unique. A lush and untamed mediterranean vegetation reveals itself in all of its charm in the many parks and gardens, and the traces of the history of Pithecusae, the first colony of ancient Greece, that revoke an anciet yet mysterious and mythical time.

There is no shortage of opportunities for strolls in nature: in Lacco Ameno, near La Reginella, there is the gorgeous park of Villa Arbusto, while moving towards Forio it is possible to visit the famous Garden ‘’Giardion della Mortella’’, rich of rare spiecies of plants.

A diverseCoast

Among the rocky reefs, crags and bays of soft sand, the coasts of the island offer an array of landscapes that enrich the vacation to the island of Ischia of ever new experiences.

The largest beach of Lacco Ameno is the bay of San Montano. Other smaller beaches are located along the main road (corso); moving towards Forio there are the beaches of Saint Francesco, Chiaia and Citara. Moving towards the harbor, Ischia Ponte and the rocks of Saint Anna, where on the 26th of July the boat parade which culminates with the ‘’Arson of the Castle’’ takes place, deserve a visit. The largest beach of the island is the one of the ‘’Maronti’’, between Barano and Sant’Angelo.

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