The Thermal Garden

Our thermal mineral spring, warm and pleasant, luxurious and precious, grants moments of deep relax restoring the mind and body with a renewed energy.

Ending the day soaking in our thermal-mineral waters is the best way predispose ones self for a restorative nights rest.

Outdoor Pool Indoor Pool

Jupiter’s Waterfalls

Temp water 32° – 38° C
Let the warmth of the water cradle you while you enjoy the incredible view of the Mount Epomeo.

The fountains of Venus

Temp water 32° – 38° C
A solely jacuzzi pool: comfortably seated, let yourself go to the warm massage of the water.


Crystal clear sea water where to swim and refresh yoursef.


Nymphs’ Path

Nymphs’ Path

Temp water 36°/40°C – 15°/18°C
Kneipp vascular path, usefull for the revitalization of blood vessels, of skin and for the wellness of the entire body.

Apollo’s Springs

Temp water 36°/40°C – 15°/18°C
Two Kneipp pools next to each other, one very hot and one very cold, to activate the blood system.

Tropicalia Pool

Equipped with upstream swimming, our indoor pool Tropicalia ( temp. water 34°-36° C), generates a flow of thermal water to offer resistance to the swimmer. Even more relax thanks to the jacuzzi jets.


Thermalia Pool

The new pool Thermalia, intimate, with jacuzzi at 38°C, enriched externally by the Kneipp path for lymphatic and venous return.
The wellness experience is completed by the Finnish sauna and the emotional shower.
At the exit there is the thermal cave, to inspire the the beneficial steam of the thermal water relaxing on the benches. After breaking a healthy sweat, you can refresh yourselves directly with the fresh water of the well.
At guests’ disposal there are two large thermal showers, that reveal the wealth of minerals present in our spring, tinting the walls red.

Luxury is dedicating time to your own wellness.

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