The swimming pools


Thermal Garden
Let yourself be cradled by the pleasantly warm, rich and precious water in our pools fed by our thermal mineral water spring. Enjoy moments of profound relaxation with the beneficial influence of the heat, which will give your body and mind renewed energy, generating an immediate and agreeable sensation of lightness.
Our pools are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Ending your day by soaking in our thermal mineral water is the best possible way to prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep.
The Neptune Pool (Piscina Nettuno) is at the entrance to the park, on the left. It is filled with crystal-clear sea water and is perfect for cooling off and swimming.
On the right are The Cascades of Jupiter (Le Cascate di Giove), where the water temperature is 32–38°C. Let yourself be cradled by the warmth of the water while enjoying the spectacular view of Mount Epomeo.
The Fountains of Venus (Le Fontane di Venere), water temperature 32–38°C. Sit yourself comfortably in this hydromassage pool and enjoy the warm massage provided by the water.
The Springs of Apollo (Le Sorgenti di Apollo), water temperature 36/40°C – 15/18°C. Two Kneipp pools, one next to the other, one very hot and one very cold to get your circulation going.
The Path of the Nymphs (Il Sentiero delle Ninfe), water temperature 36/40°C – 15/18°C. Kneipp cardiovascular treading, ideal for revitalising your blood vessels, skin and the wellbeing of your whole body.

Tropicalia indoor pool
An interplay of colours and light within the park, in a luxuriant winter garden
Unique and beautiful
With counter-current swimming, our Tropicalia indoor pool (water temperature 34–36°C) generates a current of thermal water that works against the swimmer.
Enjoy all-round relaxation with the hydromassage nozzles.
Next to it is our cosy new Thermalia pool with hydromassage at 38°C, with Kneipp treading outside it to revitalise your lymphatic system and blood vessels.
There is also a Finnish sauna and sensory shower here.
Comfortable sun loungers are available to guests in the indoor rest area
Outside you will find our thermal steam cave, where you can breathe in the beneficial vapours of the thermal water while relaxing on the benches
After a healthy sweat, you can cool off in the cold water drawn directly from the well.
Guests can also use two thermal showers that colour the walls red, revealing the wealth of minerals to be found in our spring.